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Sep 13, 2010 6:30pm PDT
. >>abirached: still to come on world business... >>could golf help greece out of its financial hole? the country may only have 6 courses at the moment, but is looking to drive development forward. >>and the new schemes in london aiming to get the city cycling >>on your bike... and the rest in just a moment on world business... >>abirached: london has never been regarded as one of the world's great cycling cities, but today the uk capital appears to be in the grip of a trend towards two-wheeled transport. it's down to a combination of factors including a change in attitudes, public policy and even the male midlife crisis.and the sums of money being spent suggest this burgeoning bicycle boom is only just beginning to gather momentum. >>reporter: in london, a rolling revolution is underway...a two wheeled love-in led by coffee trading grease monkeys like this....and sophisticated cycle clothing companies like this... >>mottram: it's part gallery. part shop. part meeting place. it's a meeting place for people who are interested in road racing. so it's quite specific. it's a club but you
Sep 22, 2010 7:00pm PDT
of greece says his country is open for business, and the public supports his reforms. >> we are delivering the results. we're making the changes. and i think this is something which is going to convince people to say "we'll hold on, we'll support this effort, we'll make it through." >> jeff: we talk about greece's comeback from the brink of financial collapse with prime minister george papandreou. you're watching "nightly business report" for wednesday, september 22. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. captioning sponsored by wpbt >> susie: good evening everyone. tom hudson is on assignment. jeff yastine joins me. remember the greek financial crisis? there were more demonstrations in athens today, as workers protested new labor rules. but here in new york, greece's prime minister told "nightly business report" his country's reforms are working, and the economy is getting back on track. >> jeff: susie, prime minister papandr
Sep 30, 2010 3:30pm PDT
with a resolution that has already been approved by our commission for an ordinance that will help control greece in the sewers. this is an example of a sewer lateral. i am pretty sure this is coming from a restaurant. it looks like water, but this is hard in the crease with a trickle of water. this is what happens when it hits the name servers. the first one to the left is a manhole cover when you look down. we had to jackhammer that one out. it is not a pretty subject but we have known it has been a problem for a long time, and we have inspectors that go out and have been teaching restaurants in the city about not pouring grease down the drain, dry white thing plates. we also started the sf grease recycling program. restaurants were interested in that, and companies are also picking up for free. it has a market value. what we are finding -- this is just to say that this is a suite of programs that we have to keep people from dumping things down storm drains, a chemicals in their homes and businesses. the question is, why is this happening? it turns out we have local ordinances that should be co
Sep 2, 2010 7:00pm PDT
in member countries with huge fiscal deficits, including greece and spain. the central bank apparently decided to leave the interest rate unchanged to provide support for the region as there are also growing concerns over the u.s. economic outlook. >>> u.s. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke has called for tougher regulation and monitoring of major banks to prevent another financial crisis. the central bank chief testified before the financial crisis inquiry commission at congress on thursday. bernanke said one lesson learned is that huge financial institutions need to be controlled more strictly as they are considered to be too big to fail, their collapse could lead to a breakdown in the financial system. he urged a rigorous implementation of the revised financial regulations that were enacted in july. the new rules are aimed at preventing moral hazard. that's when banks engage in risky lending or nichlths and then rely on public bailouts if they fail. bernanke rejected comments that the federal reserve's low interest rate policy triggered the crisis by creating a housing bubble if
FOX News
Sep 14, 2010 5:00pm EDT
and there were riots in greece, they were angry at the austerity measures, which have the most violence? the ones in the worst shape, spain and greece, but there's more to come because now it's coming to-- what was the country that just had cass sunstein's co-author of "nudge"? oh, yeah, england, england, the unions in england are starting to call for it, get out in the streets. it depends how bad the government has screwed up and when people figure out how bad things are, it starts to come to the surface. in america we know that a lot of it is bad, but a lot of people in america still don't believe that unrest could come to our shores, that america will ever change. you just wait till the federal government starts doing what california did last year and hand out iou's instead of tax refunds. naturally, that will never happen. there's good news and bad news on this one. the good news is the federal government will never give you an iou ever, ever. the bad news is is why. because they have a printing press and they'll just print more money. i mean, why would you give somebody a worthless piece of
Sep 6, 2010 6:00pm PDT
to avoid other issues like the one in greece. the stability and growth pact allows for 3%. the ministers want to make sanctions more automatic. >> three years, and greece gave the appearance of running a sound budget. that was not the case. when the truth be merged, the euro came under massive pressure. the european finance ministers want to refer prevent a repeat of that. the german finance ministry warned against complacency. >> it leads to the fading of the sense of urgency needed. to draw the necessary conclusions from experience. >> the finance ministers see themselves as a task force on economic reform. they have already agreed that a new budgetary surveillance system should be treated. they will have to prepare budget drafts for approval before they are approved by their parliaments. some countries including germany want stricter sanctions. these could include freezing e.u. funding or retracting voting rights. >> we intend to find a direct and indirect means of achieving that goal. >> that would require the support of all eurozone members. country's most likely to breach limits ar
Sep 20, 2010 6:00pm PDT
of the euro. the benchmark german 10-year bonds are at 2.4%. greece has to pay nearly 12%. the irish government is open to reassure markets and has denied rumors that doubling the assistance from the international monetary fund and the eu. but the timing cannot be worse. on tuesday, dublin plans to issue an additional bonds, which could be expensive. >> on to the markets and shares in frankfurt started the week off on a very positive note. at the close of trading monday, the dax was within a single percentage point of its high for the year. our correspondent sent us this summary of the monday trading session. >> at the beginning of this session, nobody would have believed that the market would rocket like it did at the end of this day, because the market has been driven down by concerns concerning the debt crisis in the euro area. there have been rumors that greece would delay its stress test of banks. this led to fears that many of these banks may tumble. on the other hand, everybody looked at the economic data. housing prices did not rise last month, but at least they did not fall.
Sep 2, 2010 12:30am PDT
worse. >> the german chancellor has praised greece for its efforts to put the country back on track. angela merkel says they will continue to support greece. a reminder of the headlines. president obama urged israeli and palestinian leaders to seize the opportunity presented by the new middle east peace talks in washington. the former british prime minister tony blair has acknowledged he did not participate in the nightmare that has unfolded after the iraq war. police in maryland have shot dead a radical environmentalists who held three people hostage at the headquarters of the discovery television channel. the gun man named james lee has objected to the coverage of green issues. hostages were unharmed. our correspondent was at the scene. >> [unintelligible] this ended after a four-hour standoff with police shooting dead a man who held the one -- been holding captive three employees. he walked into the building with explosives strapped to his body. we know that that man was james lee, an individual with a vendetta against the discovery channel. he claimed they channel promoted procr
Sep 27, 2010 7:00am EDT
is under great pressure. elsewhere in spain, greece, many of the countries are struggling. i have been down to a frankfurt music shop where the people do follow what is happening, to find out what the people there really think about what is going on with the hero. -- euro. ♪ >> i think that the road is a stable currency right now. despite the crisis, it is a stable currency. i was a big fan of the deutsche mark. after the euro, it was brought on the continent, but the problem is that these prices have just, well, increased. >> germany has the biggest single economy, what happened here is for the rest of the continent's. >> working at this time of year, the german government stepped in to announce money for buying new cars, so there was not so much a decrease in the economy. >> the last couple of years we were quite careful in purchasing goods and stuff, we never knew what would happen. we took it easy. people still like music, not so easy for people to spend money but i realize that people tend to purchase the cheaper products. ♪ >> if you want an example of just how well germany is doi
Sep 29, 2010 7:00am EDT
later as the country's largest union holds a strike. protests had been called in ireland, greece, and france. >> there's a great danger that the workers will pay the price for this record speculation that took place in financial markets, especially among some of the banks. and far from being frustrated and angry about that, we are seeing now that you really have to reschedule these debts so they're not a huge burden on the next few years and caused europe to plunge into recession. >> in dublin, a cement truck painted with an eye bank slogans drove into the irish parliament. the irish government has presented three austerity packages in the last year. another country where there is public hostility is greece. it has already experienced strikes and violence. unions handed in a petition today to the eu office in athens. across europe, and millions of jobs have been lost since the global financial crisis began two years ago. the recovery is still fragile. brussels,ross to where we are joined by christian frazier. is this protest as big as they say is? >> it is starting to look that w
Sep 11, 2010 11:30pm PDT
the floor to collapse. >>> and in greece, police fired teargas to breakup massive protests over greece's new economic measures. the confrontations took place outside an annual trade fair where greece's prime minister proposed cutting corporate taxes. greece recently slashed government spending to get its deep debt crisis under control. an elderly man was arrested today when he threw a shoe at the prime minister. >>> in san francisco tonight, a small group of people gathered to remember a very important moment in mohamed ghandi's non- violence movement. today marked the 104th anniversary of him declaring non-violent resistance in south africa. celebration took at the ghandi statue at the san francisco ferry building. they talked about using his philosophy in today's world. >> we want to talk about non- violence. we want to be the change we see in the world. we want to live and honor the idea and the philosophy of non- violence. >>> activists used ghand i's dock run in their struggle for independence in india and south africa. >> would you move back in residents in sanbruno ponder what's next
Sep 12, 2010 10:00pm EDT
finance our own high-speed trains. >> in greece protestors are angry over the inability to reduce the threats. a man threw his shoes at greece. they avoided bankruptcy in may in greece. >>> several new stop on the brokered deal. fox's peter december looks at the challenges up ahead. >>> press obama is urging palestinian and israeli leaders to help each other successfully map out a peace agreement. >> the two parties need each other. that doesn't mean it's going to work. ultimately it is going to be up to them. >> reporter: after a meeting in washington, d.c. they will travel to egypt for the next round of negotiations. world leaders, including secretary of state hillary clinton and special enjoy george mitchell will attend. >> it calls for all leaders, including the palestinians, to be there in the room and make bold decisions. >> make points of contention include the palestinian demand for israel to freeze new housing construction in the west bank. >> that gives the israelis the right to decide which blocks they would not withdraw from rather than negotiate. >> israeli officials
FOX News
Sep 12, 2010 7:00pm EDT
much. it is thousands of miles away from the u.s., but greece's money problems have a direct impact on your 401(k) and even t interest rates you pay. now that country's leader making a bold proclamation about the financial ictures from ay, they resulted from plans for so-called austerity needed to cut greece's massive de. now the prime minister satisfying no more belt tightening will be needed and he says greece is on track to meet targets reducing the deficit by almost 40% this year and says that greece might be free of international supervision sooner than expected. mexican police diffuse a potentially deadly car bomb across the border from el paso, texas. how offers found the explosives and what else they discovered at the scene and how safe was west virginia's big branch mine before last april's explosion killed 29 miners? newly uncovered logs could hold the answer and months ago, author and holocaust survivor, eli wisele turnedtba president obama, now he tells the president who he thinks of the process. ♪ we'll make evything okay ♪ walk together t right way ♪ do, do, do,
Sep 13, 2010 12:00pm PDT
expenditure. you've seen that in greece and spain and other countries, in france. where you have been this week. of course it a very live issue how we are going to reduce our-- . >> rose: they are in the streets because they are talking about increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62. >> the french have that particular approach. you know this is not, britain is not alone in facing some of these
Sep 27, 2010 6:30pm EDT
only made it harder for the other a ling members of the euro. greece, spain, portugal. is a question of how much that they are all carrying. i knew year and a new era for europe. i was in frankfurt reporting for the bbc on the first of january, 1999 when the euro was launched into a sky full of fireworks. then the country's decided it would all benefit by using the same currency. when i spoke to commissioners back then, they could not contain their enthusiasm. >> it is a very important step for europe. after 14 years -- it is a first- time that europe will have its own currency. >> as i went shopping for the first time using the euro, it did seem to be the start of a new era. >> [unintelligible] >> today, most germans still wanted to succeed. it is part of finding the continent together after two world wars. they do not want the possibility of failure. >> after two or three years, i think it is fair. there is one famous quotation i like. "things that you thought would never happened before happen all the time." i think that would make you think a little bit. >> germany is only a coup
Sep 25, 2010 1:00am PDT
, and liquidated the newspaper industry, and somehow made the people of greece hate their government. i've never been to greece. i get it, it's me. i'm here to make things right. to all of my friends in washington, it is time for a robust regulatory package that personally removes me from the sector. until then, all i could offer is transparency. david has been hearing good things about gold. i suggest you modify your portfolios accordingly. >> tom: here's what we're watching for next week: our friday "market monitor" guest is gerald buetow chief investment officer at inn-ee- alta capital. on the economic calendar, we'll see the second quarter final g.d.p. estimate and september auto sales monday, with so many small investors sitting on the sidelines, we'll look at what it might take to get them back in the stock market. >> susie: the c.e.o. of nbc universal will step down after comcast takes control of the company later this year. jeff zucker today confirmed widespread speculation that he'll leave the media giant once corporate parent general electric completes its deal with comcast. in an emai
Sep 21, 2010 7:00pm PDT
demonstrations like this one continue in greece, protesting labor reforms. we get an update on greece's economy and the challenges it faces, from prime minister george papandreou. >> susie: dallas mavericks owner mark cuban once again faces insider-trading charges. a federal appeals court today revived the securities and exchange commission's case against him. the s.e.c. says the dallas billionaire sold his shares in internet company six years ago, after receiving confidential information. allegedly, that information let cuban avoid a $750,000 loss. cuban says he didn't break the law. >> jeff: no more text messaging for truckers. that's the gist of a new proposal by the transportation department. it specifically bans truck drivers from sending texts while hauling hazardous materials. the d.o.t. also wants to stop train operators from using cell phones and other electronic devices while on the job. the department is also pushing states to adopt tougher laws against texting while driving. fuqutuuuuuu >> susie: have you ever talked with a younger co-worker or perhaps one of your kids, an
Sep 14, 2010 7:00am EDT
, when is a stoppage not a strike? truckdrivers in greece found a way around a court order banning them from industrial action but all in the warning -- wording. they decided to stay away from work for a second day and parked up their glories on the side of the road. >> for mile after mile, the line of lorries -- getting the moving again is as big a challenge as jump-start ink the fragile economy. the truckers behind thenot a st the court's ruling issued after the state's december protests last month means that would be illegal. a instead they are calling it an indefinite work stoppage. >> on august 15 we had a strike. their requisitions our trucks and we had no right so we found another way, work stoppage so they did not take our licenses. >> the drivers are furious at the greek government's plans to open up the habit to closed profession to more competition. it hopes that by allowing new drivers to go into business, freight cost will fall and bus boost trade. though the truckers have been careful not to block roads, many greeks have rushed to stock up on fuel for fear the supply might
Sep 7, 2010 6:00am PDT
day. many fear if greece would default it would trigger a collapse of banks. the world's biggest bond fund says greece still faces substantial risk of default. that's leading the banks lower on the concern they may not be able to handle a greece default. bank of america and citigroup, they are among those that are lower here this morning. here's a look where stocks are trading here today. we've got the dow, s & p, nasdaq all down. not dramatically so but the silicon valley index actually is trading a little bit positive, up by half a percent there. google's mission statement may be do no evil but the justice department trying to determine whether google will gain too much tore with the travel industry if it requires software. the software powers the most popular travel website. concern that google can steer searches to its own travel services. consumerer reports just coming out with their tastiest burger ranking in fast food restaurants. the one that comes out on top, probably know who it is, consumer ranking 18 fast food restaurants, in and out burger, yes, i've been there and it is
Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm PDT
soccer in greece. so this past summer, across the world in northern greece where soccer is a way of life he tried to get noticed by his favorite club. >> usually in greece it's by where you're from and you clear for that team for life and they are rabid about who they cheer of. my father is greek and i'm an aspiring professional player as his son. i i wanted to try out. >> reporter: while he was there a brazilian scout took notice and the scout liked him so much that he was invited to spend the summer in brazil playing with the brazil club. he found himself in the country where the best soccer players in the world come from and he didn't disappoint them. >>> i actually got to start. i earned my spot after three days of practicing. according to the coaches there, it i was an above average player even by brazilian standards and i mean, after all i got the start and they weren't giving me that as a gift. they wouldn't lose just to have the american go play. >> reporter: now back in the united states, his teammates have nicknamed him the greek samba and at 16 years old, he is totally focused
FOX News
Sep 4, 2010 11:00pm EDT
appeal there. is a country called greece what. did they do when they went over the edge? cutting pensions 30% or 40%. people recognize the only way we're going to keep social security solvent is tackle the debt and spending problem we have. >> what you're saying is that republicans should engage in this debate? and say look, yes? we do need to reign it in? >> only way to have a healthy federal budget is help the kme. you cannot have debt and spending levels we have and have a healthy economy. >> if you end up debating social sick ti... >> that means democrats want that debate. they want to change the subject from what's happening over two years. won't it be taking democratic bait? its a tough situation. you can't dodge this. the problem with this subject is that you know, democrats have these little house gods of candles around them. social security. and medicare. if a republican simply says the word "social security" democrats say see? he's going to destroy it. you can't have a good faith conversation with them on this subject. the fablgt remains is that social security 20% of the federa
FOX News
Sep 25, 2010 11:00am EDT
to get big bail-out for municipalities, good luck, go to greece. you won't get it from washington. >> mike? >> i hope steve is right but i fear there will be more spending. the bigger problem is the fed chairman said he will support the spending, by supporting the borrowing that the government has to do to support the spending. he said i'll buy all the treasury bonds you throw out there and spend your way to a bigger mess right now. the government debt totals 94% of the economy. record since world war ii. debt got us in the problem. it won't get us out of the problem. >> rich karlgaard, spending spree coming? >> no. steve is right on the politics. we got proof that the stimulus is a failure. the mber declared the recession over in june of 2009. by that point, only 6% of the $800 billion stimulus had been spent. no impact on ending recession. it's had aerrible impact on keeping recovery lackluster. all the arguments that the obama administration is making, the stimulus is the only thing that stood between us and the great depression was blown out of the water and the american peopl
FOX News
Sep 29, 2010 1:00pm EDT
that really are in decline are mostly in western europe, spain, greece, france, portugal, why? because they all have huge deficit and debt problems, to the point where their governments have grown so much, people come to expect these even tight he will -- inch tight he will -plts. and because the government can't sustain it that's why you see the protests you've just seen in spain. if we keep going down these roads. big government, big deficits and debt we are going to be in that pattern of decline that western europe is experiencing. the key is to get back to a place, the original place as america, limited government, lower tax burdens, economic growth, job creation that will get us back on track martha: growing up you learned about all of these social lis-based countries like mexico where the government lit -- literally ran everything and we watched them go through cycles while we were experiencing the boom of capitalism in our country. they have learned the lessons and now they are going in the opposite direction. one of the other elements is political. we used to enjoy the friendsh
Sep 10, 2010 7:00pm PDT
. now the storms are shifting their way in towards greece as well. and that stormy weather also affecting parts of austria, hungary, the western baltics. few showers into parts of the baltics and finland. look at more rain into norway, sweden as well. that's coming out a large and windy system in the british isles. plenty of rain for you in london expected on saturday. 19 for the high. 25 in paris. rome, looking at a sunny day. athens sees thunder showers. that's all from me. here's your three-day outlook. >>> and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm hideshi hara in tokyo. we'll be back in a half hour. thanks for joining us on nhk world.
Sep 13, 2010 6:00pm PDT
. >> international inspectors have begun a two-week review of greece's debt. they are expected to grant them loans worth 9 billion euros. meanwhile, the truckers' union is talking about more protests. there are long lines at gas stations in athens, fearing a repeat of the july week-long strike. in addition, rail workers are expected to go on a 24-hour strike coming up. >> some have failed in an attempt to oust their major. he has been widely criticized for refusing to accept responsibility of 21 deaths in july. he has also rejected resignation calls pending the results of an inquiry. evoke among local councilors fell short of the two-thirds majority required to remove him from office -- a vote among local councilors fell short. >> inside the city hall, it was his party's backing that blocked the opposition attempt to oust him. >> the issues up and put to rest. nothing will change unless the facts change -- the issues have been put to rest. >> 21 people were crushed to death during a stampede. since then, some have called for him to resign. but the mayor has categorically refused to step down, insi
Sep 22, 2010 6:00pm PDT
of this year as the debt crisis was over greece, spain, and ireland. but since the beginning of july, it has been recovering, reaching $1.34 this wednesday, regaining levels of last fall in april. the main reason, positive economic developments in the eurozone. it seems the big economies, like germany, have recovered from the crisis, and even portugal and ireland successfully issued bonds on international money markets this week. this -- but the u.s. economy still remains sluggish. that is why the u.s. that indicated in its meeting that was prepared to inject more money into the economy. with interest rates at near zero, that does not sound very attractive to investors you're starting to buy euros again. >> steelworkers in germany have begun a series of warning strikes to push on demands for higher wages but employees walked off the job wednesday at 3 still works. a union is calling for a 6% wage hike. the 85,000 metal industry workers are represented in germany. employers rejected that demand better so far not made a counteroffer. the second round of wage negotiations last week ended in ins
Sep 22, 2010 7:00pm PDT
and in towards greece. here is a look at how temperatures will be on thursday. 27 in rome, so not bad. 21 in vienna. we have rain pushing into london and paris but it stays dry for madrid and lisbon. here is your three-day outlook. >>> and that's all we have for this edition of "newsline." i'm hideshi hara in tokyo. we'll be back in half an hour. thanks for joining us on nhk world. j
Sep 29, 2010 4:00am PDT
the world through dance. learn dances from greece, china, russia and more at folk dancing with ethnic expression at the charleston heights arts center. that's your pacific event of the day, veronica. >> very nice. you know my mom lives in vegas, so -- >> she is? >> she is. so good morning, mom. >> send her the details so she can get out there. >> exactly. >>> now here's a look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. justin timberlake might be starring in the new movie "the social network." of facebook, justin timberlake says i don't care about my friend's feelings. they can call me and tell me. >>> and 4 an in an interview "rolling stone" president obama says his ipod has about 2,000 songs on it, including stevie wonder, bob dylan and the rollingstones. >>> an online poll has named russell brand as the worst dressed man's in showbiz, followed in second place, by teen heartthrob justin bieber. >>> confirmation that gweneth paltro will be the latest star on the show, they're worried too many stars will prove to be the show's undoing. >>> justin said, quote, i have a girlfriend who
Sep 30, 2010 4:00am PDT
out slump. measures triggered common administrations in poland, portug portugal, greece, ireland and elsewhe elsewhere. in spain, parts of the transportation system were brought to a standstill. this all came as the european commission imposed new fines on euro zone countries that fail to improve their finances. >>> here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. in california, police are looking for a robbery suspect wanted in a violent purse snamping attempt. a man approached a woman from behind and grabbed her purse. when she refused to let go he violently threw her on the ground and dragged her, punching her several times before running away. the victim suffered minor cuts and bruises. >>> missouri man is behind bars after leading police on a high speed chase that at one point crossed over into kansas, then back into missouri in a stolen vehicle. he caused mayhem along the way, speeding true an intersection and colliding into two vehicles at 85 miles per hour. the suspect gave up when the vehicle's tires blew out. >>> in ohio, officials are investigating a
Sep 30, 2010 5:00am EDT
cuts aimed at trying to dig the european union out of the economic slump. in poland, portugal, greece, ireland and elsewhere. in spain where the unemployment rate is almost 20% parts of the transportation system was brought to a stand still. this came as the european commission ix poses new fines on those who fail to improve finances. >>> police in europe had to deal with concerns about what's being described as a mumbai style terror plot aimed at england, france and germany. although they say there is no imminent threats security was beefed up at various landmarks including buckingham palace. authorities say the plot originated in pakistan. >>> that country's border has seen a reason uptick in predator drone attack although a senior ter 86 official says there's no connection between the strikes and european threat. >>> a hot topic thanks in part to bob woodward's new book "obama's wars." last night on nbc "the last word with lawrence o'donnell" he asked him to wie in on what the white house has called a deliberative approach the president has taken in afghanistan. >> this is the conf
Sep 20, 2010 6:30pm PDT
crisis in the euro area. there have been rumors that greece would delay its stress test of banks. this led to fears that many of these banks may tumble. on the oer hand, everybody looked at the economic data. housing prices did not rise last month, but at least they did not fall. this led to this rally we have seen here in monday trading. >> thank you. we can stay in frankfurt for a closer look at monday's numbers. the dax finished nearly 1.4% higher at 60 to 94. the euro stoxx 50 index of top eurozone finishing more than 1.6% higher at 2802. on wall street, the dow closing a few moments o, neay 1.4% higher. 10,753. the euro trading at a value of $1.3666. the world's three main rating agencies have given the eurozone bailout fund a aaa rating, the highest rating possible. unanimous assessment by moody's, standard and poor's, and fitch mean the funds can secure loans at low interest rates. the european financial stability fact was created in may to help many of the 16 eurozone states in the event of crisis. they can borrow up to four hundred 40 billion euros of necessary. in retur
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